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WPC Wall Decor

New  wpc wall decor for outdoor and indoor use! Exclusive appearance, neatness, practicality, which also characterizes this product.

Its material is 60% bamboo, 30% recycled plastic, 10% glue and coloring material. A wood effect pattern was pressed into a premium thin rubber layer, so the decoration looks really close to nature. It does not require surface treatment, enjoy the luxury even for decades without constantly spending money on it.


Advantages of WPC Wall Decor

Weather resistance

WPC wall decorations are resistant to weather conditions such as rain, snow and strong sunlight, so they retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Easy maintenance

WPC wall decorations are easy to clean and maintain. They don't need to be painted or varnished, they just need a simple cleaning from time to time.


WPC wall decorations are available in many styles and colors, so it's easy to find the right pieces for your home.


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