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  • Is Akupanel difficult to install?
    Installing the panels is very easy and most customers can install the panels themselves. If you have a hidden DIY in you and know how to use a saw and a screwdriver, installing the panels yourself will be a breeze. Some of our customers prefer the help of professionals to install the panels. Since the product is easy to work with, any professional can help you set up the panels, even if you have never tried it before. We recommend that you contact your local specialist or similar if you need help with installation.
  • Are the panels easy to cut?
    Yes, it's super easy. The panels can be cut with any saw (we recommend a circular saw) and if you need to cut the panel through the felt, it can be done with a simple knife. It couldn't be simpler than that :).
  • What type of screw will I need for installation?
    The type of screws needed depends on the type of wall you want to mount the panels on. In some cases, wall plugs are also required to make the installation permanent. You need to find screws that can work with the material of the wall. As a general rule, we recommend black screws, as the fastening will not be visible on the black felt.
  • Can Akupanel be installed directly on the surface or do I have to install it on formwork?
    You can easily install the panels directly on the surface - you don't necessarily need to place them on formwork. If you have bad acoustics, we recommend that you install it on a 45 mm formwork with mineral wool behind it.
  • On which surfaces can Akupanel be installed?
    Acoustic panels can be installed on any surface, including brick and concrete walls, etc. too. You can glue them to the wall or use screws.
  • Can the panels be fixed with glue?
    Yes, the panels can also be installed with glue - this is a slightly more durable solution than screwing. Because a strong adhesive must be used, the wall may be damaged if the panels have to be removed once.
  • Can Akupanel be installed in the bathroom or kitchen?
    We do not recommend using Akupanels in rooms where there is a risk of direct contact with liquids, as the wood can be damaged by moisture and water.
  • How can I adjust the sockets and outlets in the panel?
    If there are sockets, connectors, etc. on the wall. there are, the best solution is to cut holes in the panels and mount the terminals on the surface of the Akupanels.
  • Can the panels be bent around curved corners?
    Yes, you can bend the panels around the curves. The felt is made from recycled plastic and is very flexible so you can bend the panels around curved corners.
  • Can I hide the cables etc. behind the wall?
    Yes, that won't be a problem at all - for example, you can cut a groove in the felt to put the cable in.
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